When Should You See a Physical Therapist?

find out when the right time is to see a physical therapist and begin your healing journey

By Sukie Nau, DPT/Owner, NAU Physical Therapy & Wellness

You may think you only need to get physical therapy to rehabilitate after a car accident, a serious injury, or surgery.

But that’s not the case – anyone can benefit from physical therapy.

In fact, physical therapy is commonly relied on to relieve common chronic issues, such as those arising from general wear and tear on your body and the aging process.

If you’re experiencing any or some of the following signs or symptoms, talk to your primary care physician to determine whether they should refer you to a physical therapist:

1). Sharp pain: Centralized, sharp pain could be indicative of a stress factor or muscle strain. If you do not address the underlying injury behind the sharp, sudden pain, your pain may not subside. To get long-term relief, working with a physical therapist may be your best option.

2). Lingering pain: If you’re experiencing pain after applying an ice pack and resting for a few days after a rigorous workout, it might be time to explore physical therapy. Talk to your doctor if you have consistent pain – they may recommend you see a physical therapist.

3). Injury and trauma: Sudden or traumatic injuries can benefit from physical therapy. Muscle tears and broken bones are two of the most common injuries that are treated by physical therapists. When you experience sudden trauma, it’s important to take care of the problem right away to prevent it from getting worse.

4). Pain medication is ineffective: Your primary doctor may prescribe pain medication to manage pain and discomfort. If the discomfort continues, even after the pain meds, it may be time to be referred to physical therapy.

5). Noticeable changes: Only you know your body. If you notice any physical changes in your body, or feel sudden discomfort and localized pain, schedule an appointment to talk with your doctor. He/she may recommend you work with a physical therapist.

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