Our Mission

Nau Physical Therapy and Wellness is dedicated to true, holistic healing. We use the term ‘wellness’ to define our approach of treating our patients as a whole, considering every individual’s mental, emotional and physical state to address the root cause of their issues. By offering rehabilitation and teaching practical self-care, we design the most appropriate, customized treatment plan for every patient using the most advanced technologies and therapies available today. From hands-on physical therapy to guidance with relaxation and stress reduction techniques, Nau Physical Therapy and Wellness provides a full circle of healing and tools for life.

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Holistic Approach

NAU PT, Randy with a patient

Nau PT embodies a holistic philosophy in treating our patients to find the best methods for underlying movement dysfunctions.

Experienced Staff

Dr. Sukie Nau in the NAU PT and Wellness office

The staff at the Nau PT work as a team to exceed our patient’s expectations. We have 20+ years of high-level experience helping folks get back to as good as new.

Various Services

Chad with a patient in the NAU PT and Wellness office

At NAU Physical Therapy and Wellness, we are committed to providing true healing and revolutionary pain relief through our variety of methods and services.

Michelle at the front desk in the NAU lobby