Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

At Nau Physical Therapy and Wellness we provide revolutionary physical therapy treatments and personalized one-on-one care.

Our community’s Physical Health is of the utmost importance to our team.


We are a practice that is committed to providing true healing and revolutionary pain relief to every patient we see. If you think your pain can’t get any better, or have been told by previous health providers that there is nothing that can be done for your pain, injury or weakness, Nau Physical Therapy and Wellness is that place for you. We care about our patients and welcome them into the Nau Physical Therapy family. We provide unique and efficient ways of healing. Our caring and energetic physical therapists and healing experts will keep you motivated on your journey to your physical best!

Dr Sukie Nau

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Our Services

Physical Therapy

We are well-known for our quality maternity services for both normal & complicated pregnancies. We love the little ones.

Ocupational Therapy

At Wellness, we provide basic health care services and teach prevention and self-help skills to everyone.


We treat for emergencyies such as acute illness, injuries, as well as general health emergencyies that may come out of the blue.