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"I want to thank Sukie for helping me with both my shoulder issues over the past year. He is a true professional and a pleasure to be around. I appreciate his patience and in always being able to find a solution to any problem presented with. Thanks to him, I can return to my flying career and retire from the Air Force."


"Sukie is very knowledgeable and is very professional. He has a calm aura about him and explains in detail what is happening in your body. I would highly recommend anyone seeking therapy to ask for his service for I have no doubt like me you will get a new lease on life."


I met Sukie after having my second knee replacement. I did not have him for the first one and I can tell you the difference is amazing. After four months, the pain in the knee is gone and I have great movement and extension in my leg. He took so much time to massage the scar tissue and to get me back to good flexibility in my knee. One of his co-workers said "Sukie has miracle hands", and as anyone who has had a knee replacement knows, someone with miracle hands is a blessing to have as your therapist!"


“There are no words to describe how thankful I am to have Sukie as my PT. He has been kind, patient, understanding, gentle, inspiring and thoughtful. I’ll always remember him. I came in his clinic in a wheelchair and left on my own two feet. Muchos Gracias!”